On running and December…


Holiday greenery on a crazy warm day after Christmas!

“Running is nothing more than a series of agruements between the part of your brain that wants to stop and the part that wants to keep going.”  -unknown

It’s over and finished, my first run in weeks. Three slow but happy miles, run by myself with lots of time to think about goals for 2017. Running hasn’t been a priority recently, I have replaced it with meetings, travel, errands and other time filling but lesser important tasks (well, travel always rates near the top of my priority list). As I have moved though these last weeks and months, I realized the little old lady in me is itching to get out.  I can feel her presence in my knees, movements and on the scale and I am just not ready.  So I am looking for some serious motivation to keep me going in the new year!

December has been a whirlwind!  We started the month in Chattanooga, TN with friends for a 2 hour dinner ride on the Tennessee Valley Railway.  We spend the night in the lovely historic Read House Inn in downtown Chattanooga.  Sunday morning was was rainy and cool so we defered exploring outside for another time.


John and I in the lobby of the historic Read House in downtown Chattanooga. The hotel lobby was beautiful and the rooms quite nice.


Our dining car on the Tennessee Valley Railway.


The dining car was very festive, the food was pretty good and we would do this again.

From there we headed north to Canada to historic Quebec City. This is our second visit to this beautiful city and will likely not be our last but I will post more on that later.  We stayed on a gold floor in the fabulous Chateau Frontenec.  December is off season for the city so our beautiful hotel room came at an equally beautiful price.


Lobby in the Chateau Frontenec, a Fairmont hotel.

We arrived on Sunday evening and woke to very cold and snowy Monday, 8″ of snow before the day came to an end. It finally felt like Christmas to us.  The food, snow and adventure were magical to us but our stay too short.


Old City Quebec


The Grand Chateau Frontenec


Farmers/Christmas market at Marche du Vieux-Port.  I came home with way too many maple sugar products!

As festive as we felt the beginning of the month, we struggled on the lead up to Christmas.  John finally rallied and decorated the house, inside and out. We celebrated Christmas with John’s sons who were in for the holidays as well as a Christmas Day celebration with my sisters.


We put our tree up and hung a few ornaments.  The tree looked a little more festive once we hung a few ornaments. 



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