Rainy Day Sunday…

It has been such a chilly, dreary Sunday made even worse by an early winter cold that seems to have settled in my head.  The weather man predicted rain for Sunday night but it is no surprise that the rain came early, mid-morning to be exact.  Our weather men struggle with unpredictability of weather fronts as they interact with the Appalachian Mountains, they get it wrong almost as often as right.  Over the next few days the rain will be followed by a pesky cold front sliding south from Canada. Hopefully there is a level of unpredictability there too!

My weekend was lazy, a lot of napping, a lot of reading and hours of computer surfing. Adventures outside the house were limited to the grocery store, dry cleaner, getting my dad to and from Saturday night dinner (another story for another time) and our first meeting about an upcoming missions trip to the Bahamas.

Yes, we have an early spring trip on the books. This is not a bucket list trip or in a trip we would consider without the missions element but 6 weeks ago an opportunity presented itself and the travelers are people we would like to get to know better.  So how could we say no?!  It will be our first international mission trip and we are looking forward to the experience.

So far we know we will be located on Current Island in North Eleuthera. Current has a population of about 60.


Current also has a new children’s home. We (our group of 16) will be working with the Zion Children’s Home and probably sleeping on the floor too.  In our meeting we talked a lot about fellowship and friendship.  We also talked about no see ums and mosquitoes.  I am a mosquito magnet, the rest of the group will not need to bring the suggested 3 cans of bug spray!


So that’s about it for now.  We have several more meetings before the trip and I will share more as the details unfold.

Hope a surprise trip or excursion will appear in your upcoming plans…

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