5 Things…

With a stuffy head and sore throat, I needed to take a little extra care of myself this week.  While I didn’t feel bad enough to stay at home, I struggled during the hours I spent at work.  I found myself sleeping a little later each morning and paying more attention to what I ate. Thanks to my low key work week, I feel better now and look forward to some cold weather adventures this weekend.


Homemade minestrone soup loaded with garlic, fire roasted tomatoes, beans and healthy vegetables, a  perfect Rx on a blustery fall day. 


Numerous mugs of hot cider infused with mulling spices, so soothing for a scratchy throat.


Lingering a few extra minutes with a steaming cup of coffee in our warm, cozy kitchen.  I love to watch the early morning light through the kitchen window.


Sweet roses on my dressing table to keep my spirits bright.


Neutrogena Hand Cream for  dry hands that come with frequent hand sanitation.  I use original cream for night and light, fast absorbing for day.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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1 Response to 5 Things…

  1. Glad you found ways to sneak self-care into your work week. Enjoy the weekend!

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