A glance back on the ending decade…

A post by Frances @ https://materfamiliasknits.blogspot.com/ about major life events over the past decade got me thinking about my own decade. Ten years ago on this day I was in my mid-50’s and anticipating my upcoming marriage. My life had not yet been rocked by the events of the decade.

Since January 1, 2010, these are the major events that happened in my life. At least what I can remember and piece together.

*After 10 years of dating, John and I got married on January 16, 2010. It was a small affair with only family and our closest couple friends. Because we had been together so long I thought I would not feel any different after we said our vows, but suddenly we became a little family. Over the past 10 years we have loved and supported each other through some pretty difficult and some really amazing times. I am very happy to have found the right guy for me!

*I lost my mother in 2011. It was not unexpected but not really expected. Difficult times ahead. I also lost my favorite aunt in 2010 and my favorite uncle in 2013. My father passed away in 2016. Oh my, the pieces of ones heart the departed one takes with them. Luckily John did not suffer family loss. His father and brother had passed away a couple of years before.

*John suffered a horrific bicycle crash in 2013, on my 60th birthday. I will never forget that day. He spend 4 day in Critical Care with 16 broken bones, collapsed lung and a couple of surgeries and more days in the hospital. Post hospital he spent 10 days in a rehab center. Aside from some new internal hardware, he recovered completely. He had prostate cancer in 2014 and I was diagnosed with melanoma in a year or so later. Both caught very early and caused no further issues.

*I retired in December 2018. It is not always been easy trying to find my way but I am working on it and have settled into several interesting and challenging projects. I will continue to refine my interests and time allocation as I go along.

*We traveled quite a bit. We discovered European Christmas markets during the last decade and also enjoyed travel with John’s sons and some close friends. Countries visited include (in no particular order): Bahamas, Israel, Iceland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, England, Italy, Canada, The Czech Republic. Cities we have visited in overseas and in the US are too numerous to mention.

* We also took several epic “human powered” trips: Gates of the Arctic National Park (Brooks Range Backpack), Alaska 2015, White Cloud Wilderness (backpack), Idaho 2016, Eagle Cap Wilderness (backpack), Oregon 2017 and The Cleveland Way (109 mile walk), England 2018. We went on many more hikes and overnight backpacks over the last 10 years.

* I have run many miles, bicycled somewhat fewer and hiked and walked the most. I went through great periods of exercise and times when I was a complete couch potato. Consistency was not my strong suit but last spring I started working with a personal trainer (to get ready for the Alaska backpack that did not happen) and am still working with her on a weekly basis. I also began kayaking in 2019

*We brought an Australian Shephard puppy into our home in the fall of 2018. Her name is Katie, her registered name is “Maple Run’s Sugar Plum Katie.” I swore I would never have a dog but she has brought a lot of smiles into our lives and more walking than either of us thought through.

*John’s two sons graduated from college and headed across the country to grad school. As of the end of the decade, the oldest has received his PhD in Earth and Planetary Sciences and went to work at NASA. The younger son will receive his PhD in the new decade.

My New Year/New Decade began on a healthy note, running 5k in the neighborhood. The temperature has been cool and a brisk wind kept me in gloves and fleece tights. I struggled a little with the run as I took a very hilly route but was glad when I finished.

Clear skies and beautiful views for my run this morning.
These seed pods and others like it were blowing in the wind like little lanterns.

After my run, John and I took the puppy for a walk. We walked 3.5 miles, mostly along the street outside of our neighborhood entrance. This area is in the process of a much needed revitalization. It is currently the home to several local craft breweries, a couple of eateries and a nice coffee shop that we stopped at for take away hot chocolate. Yum!

Katie and I wait for John on the coffee shop patio. No dogs inside. From this vantage point we have a nice view of the river and the city.
Katie and her freckles!

The day has been otherwise quiet. Sun streamed through our windows and the dog has been following the pools of sunlight as they move along the hall carpet. We have rested and read and generally enjoyed the beginning of 2020.

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2 Responses to A glance back on the ending decade…

  1. Frances says:

    Wow! Those first years of the decade hit you hard! Yet overall, you’ve done so much! (And kudos on John’s son’s accomplishments as well — two PhDs, impressive!
    It’s an interesting process, trying to catalogue what happened in a decade, isn’t it? I’m already remembering a few things I’m surprised I missed, and I imagine that will continue for a bit. But besides just listing, it’s the process of beginning to see what had the most impact and how perspective on that has changed. The sweep of a decade, especially such a pivotal one, late mid-life and all. . . .

    • smithposts says:

      It is an interesting process trying to catalogue the decade and I appreciate your posting your list. Honestly, I wouldn’t have thought of doing it and by doing so, I remembered a lot I had forgotten. Especially on travel, I don’t keep up with it enough. Thanks for reading Frances. Part of my New Year’s resolution is to get more involved in the blogging community including maintaining my own. There are so many inspiring women and you have certainly inspired me to take some steps (art class) that I may not have otherwise done.

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