Kayaking Round The Cove…

We went kayaking for my birthday, it was the only thing I asked for. Kayaking had been on my summer list for several years but John would have no part of it.  He had a bad experience with the equipment we used in a class we took a few years ago. A small cockpit with little room for leg movement and a bad paddling chair left unpleasant memories.

This time we rented “sit on tops,”  lots of leg room and the chairs were pretty comfortable too.  We got out on the water before the heat of the day.  Thing about kayaking in the summer, between the sun and the water, us with fair skin have little chance.


Lots of leg room



Sit on tops are small, stable and easy to maneuver and we had a grand time paddling around The Cove.  A good bit of land in the area is still undeveloped so wildlife, mostly birds, were very visible.  Sadly,  the future of the wilderness area is not good.  Lot clearing and lakeside McMansions  are moving in at an epidemic pace.  A few old lake cottages remained, which got us talking about John’s summers spent at his family’s old lake house in Alabama.


John catching some shade in front of a lot being cleared



Although this area does not boast of vast areas of open water with winds for sailing, a yacht (sailing) club operates in The Cove and sailing enthusiasts make it work.  Sailing is on my list too but not this summer.



Kayaking ended on a very positive note with conversation about explorations around other nearby protected waters.  My husband actually said “if we bought kayaks…”.  Sigh,  summer slips by so fast.


Hope your summer is filled with sunshine and fun!  Thanks for reading.

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