Home Alone…

Cloudy Skies

My husband is the routine keeper in our house, the one who keeps us eating healthy, sleeping enough and getting our exercise. He is also out of town this weekend.  So what does a somewhat undisciplined, marginally immature  61 year old do when left alone?  Well….

Friday night involved massive quantities of Chinese carry out and going to bed late. Saturday I consumed 1/2 pound of jelly bellies and made up for no breakfast by consuming 2 slices of pizza for lunch.   I must have felt like breakfast was still a miss  because I downed sweet potato pancakes for dinner.  I may or may not have spent large amounts of the time on the computer, relaxed on the porch to watch a thunder storm, taken my 90 year old Dad to lunch (pizza was his choice) and stayed up late again to catch an hour of Saturday Night Live.  I have watched only a couple of SNL’s this season and just my luck, last night was a repeat of one I had seen!

By this morning, I was ready to get myself in gear.  My husband has me partially trained, I can go rogue for only so long.  Thank you Saturday’s severe weather, the skies were overcast and the temperature cool.  Just perfect for a nice out and back run!

Taped my right foot, laced up my shoes (I need new shoes) and headed out.  I had 6 miles in mind but hoped for 7.  In the end, the number was 6.  I have not been running enough during the week and didn’t want to injure myself by forcing a distance.  The run was neither good or bad but getting out is always a win.  Took these pictures along today’s route:


Every time I see this building, I wonder just what they mean by “partying” with Jesus


Just in front of the party with Jesus building is the neighborhood bar


Bicyclists on the way to Knoxville’s 33 mile Urban Wilderness.  This river road is a corridor for runners and bicyclists traveling between downtown and many bike and running trails.


Oh the sweet smell of the mimosa tree in mid-June


Unknown wildflowers along the river


Our first daylily bloom, finally!

Time to wrap this post up!  John will be home in a couple of hours and I still have the yard to mow.  Hope you have a chance to go rogue and enjoy the weekend!  Thanks for reading.

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