Officially Fall, sorta…

It’s official, fall is here, at least meteorological fall (September 1-November 30). While we won’t see temperatures associated with fall until well after the autumnal equinox, fall is in the air. I can hear it in the chatter of the birds, I see it in the fading summer flowers and I can feel the shifting sun. I can’t wait!

September mornings, watching the early morning sunrise with a cup of coffee and dreaming about fall activities.

Fall is my best time of year, my time to bloom after a sweltering, drowsy summer. It’s my favorite time to walk, to ride my bike and hike, to retrieve my list of household projects not yet done, to get together outside with family and friends under starry fall skies. It’s my favorite time to wake up early, grab a cozy sweater and cup of coffee and watch the sunrise. Heck, I don’t even mind cutting the grass in the fall although I look forward to putting the lawn mower away for the season.

The last of the summer flowers blooming vigorously along my usual walking route.

Fall is also my time to dream, of travel and other life goals I might accomplish in the upcoming year, some realistic and some unobtainable. I like the dreaming phase of fall, its my “anything is possible” time of year.

Wilting vegetation, preparing for the cold to come.

I like cracking open my planner for the new year and filling in my “usual”, birthdays, bookclub meetings and theater dates. I like to see vast amounts of blank time for yet to be planned activities. Next year we will have van trips to include.

Morning glories clinging to a wire fence along side a road. Another favorite walking route.
Leaves wilting in the dry, summer heat although I like to think of them as signs of fall.

Yes, signs of fall are everywhere I look, in my heart Fall 2022 has officially arrived. It’s time to start planning.

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