Trying to shake loose the guilt of commitments…

I went for a run this morning, I needed to clear my head. Work, volunteer committee meetings that have developed into more meetings and other life demands have me feeling a little blue. It was raining lightly as I left the house. My support team of one (John) was out there with me, once again walking nearly as fast as I can run.

I thought about entering the 4th quarter of my 62nd year and how grateful I am that my body still allows me to run, hike and play hard. I thought about the big goals l have left hanging and which ones I really want to accomplish. I thought about how lucky I am to be me and live the life I live. And I thought about the fact that I don’t have to feel guilty about missing some of those committee meetings that have turned into a weekly events (yes, really!!). This last point is important because I need to remind myself that  sometimes it’s hard to see through the casual commitments and remember that it is the time spent running, hiking and spending time with friends that will matter to me.  The time spent in meetings upon meetings will feel like time wasted! 

Meanwhile the intensity of the rain picked up, Thunder and lightening rolled across the sky. I imagined that I was ninja, running between the drops. I turned to looked at my support team who had the hood of his rain jacket pulled low over his face and walked behind me without complaint. He is good that way. We made our way home.

Done: 4.2 miles. BTW, I am not ninja, I am soaking wet!

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1 Response to Trying to shake loose the guilt of commitments…

  1. Oh, I can so relate! (although to be fair, I’m not on any committees right now, nor am I working — at least not for pay!). Good for you, running that guilt away so productively. I’m in the middle of writing a running post myself, and I’m also needing to rebuild, having lost momentum when we began some travels last fall.

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