Happy Thanksgiving…

I am thankful for so many things this year, another year with my father, my health and a wonderful husband with whom I feel safe, secure and very loved.  Here are a few other things I am grateful for…

Lingering over coffee on Saturday mornings,

Good friends,

That I can and do still run,

A sense of adventure (that I inherited from my father 🙂 ,

Jelly Bellies in sweet/sour flavors,

That my husband cooks almost all our meals (he rocks!)

And that I get to live this wonderful life!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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1 Response to Happy Thanksgiving…

  1. Missed this post and just catching up now (oh, such a long list of blogs to get ’round to, I’ve fallen so far behind). I’d wish you a belated Happy Thanksgiving, but I can tell you managed that on your own, even without all the usual trimmings — being able to see that we have Enough is really all it takes, and you’ve got that wisdom.

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