Monday Running, Biking and Rambling…


We survived an incredible night of turbulent weather.  A second string of severe storms hit around 1:30 AM.  I blissfully slept through the light show thanks to 1/2 an Ambien.  John on the other hand, did not. The power failed shortly after 2:00 AM and was still off when we crawled out of bed at 5:45 AM.

I was dreading the thought of no morning coffee but remembered that our gas stove would need only a starter to fire up the flame.  Big plus for cooking with gas!  Great coffee, just like camping.

Morning make up session was by the window.  Not sure I like the natural light as much as the soft lights on my dressing table. But natural light is better than flashlight, which can feel like witch light with it’s wicked shadows and bright spots.


The drive to work revealed that storms hit our neighborhood harder than imagined.  A number of trees were broken above the ground and several roads were blocked with downed trees.  The building (photo below) just outside our neighborhood lost its roof.  When faced with all the damage, I realized how incredible lucky we were to have only lost power and a few smaller branches from our trees. A cool front has moved in with the storms and should provide great weather for outside activities this week.


Last Week

Last week did not go exactly as planned but was good nonetheless.  Here are the details day by day:

Monday  (Plan: 3.0 mile run, Actual: 3.0 mile run)

Actual:  3.0 mile run.  Got up and got it done before work.  Yea!  Nothing more to say!!

Tuesday (Plan:3.0 mile run, 12.0 mile bike ride, Actual: 14.62 mile bike ride)

Things started going a little off plan here. Alarm went off, I looked at the clock and proceeded to hit the snooze button, over and over. Tired and unwilling to get up early, I felt more motivated after work. John and I took our bikes to Cherokee Blvd and rode 14.62 miles.

Wednesday (Plan: 4.o mile run, visit nursing home, Actual: 4.0 mile run)

Wednesdays are 1/2 days for me.  The weather was okay and my run was great!  Sorry Daddy, I did not make it to the nursing home but made it later in the week.

Thursday (Plan: 12.0 mile bicycle ride, Actual: REST!)

I booted the bike ride and took a rest!  Legs were tired!

Friday (Plan: REST, Actual 3.02 mile run)

John wanted to get up extra early so I decided to make up the Tuesday run here.  In retrospect, it was not my best idea.  I paid for it on the Saturday long run!

Saturday (Plan: 8.0 mile run, Actual: 8.0 mile run, 12.5 mile bike ride)

I struggled with this day (see below post) but made it through.  I am physically not strong enough to do survive a longer run and bicycle ride on the same day…  one of the reasons I am not a triathlete.

Sunday (Plan: 3.0 mile run, 15.0 mile bike ride, visit nursing home, Actual: visit nursing home, 3.0 mile run, mow, weed eat)

John tells me I hit the wall after the lawn mowing gig.  My legs were wobbly, temper was short and I was very lethargic but bonking with the lawn mower, I just don’t know. Since I  visited my Dad in the morning, I did not get out for a run until the hottest part of the afternoon.  It was humid, legs were tired and my pace was really, really slow. 

In a effort to recover, I consumed lots of water, chocolate milk, Gatorade and lunch and thought I felt okay.  Next was was lawn mowing and weed eating, jobs I enjoy in May and hate in July.  Hmm, I really don’t have much good to say about the day so I will just stop here.  Sad smile 

Total Run: 21 Miles

Total Bicycle: 27.12 Miles

This Week

Monday: REST (I’ve got this one!!)

Tuesday: Run 3.0 miles, Bicycle 12.0 miles

Wednesday: Run 5.0 miles, Bicycle 15.0 miles

Thursday: Run 3.0 miles

Friday: Run 3.0 miles

Saturday: Work, rest

Sunday: Run 9.0 miles

Hope you had a great week on the run, on the bike or with family and friends.   Thanks for reading. 

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4 Responses to Monday Running, Biking and Rambling…

  1. Andrea says:

    Those storms look awful! Thanks for the comments on my blog posts. Yes, Alaska is amazing. I can’t sing or dance either but who cares? And yes, finishing the tri was not easy. I have reached the point where I can give myself credit for that.

  2. smithposts says:

    Thanks for reading and commenting! I look forward to reading about your upcoming races and adventures!!

  3. I’m so glad you survived those storms without damage other than lost power. I’ve just spent a very enjoyable fifteen minutes or so catching up on your posts — not sure why I haven’t been getting these through Bloglovin’ but I’ll fix that up! Good to follow the progress of another runner, and we seem to share a number of interests.

  4. smithposts says:

    Hi Frances, thanks for stopping by! You are inspiring me to step up my running and accomplish some of those goals that I pushed aside several years ago… like a marathon, maybe, possibly?!!

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