Dressing in Black…

It occurs to me, while digging in my closet each day, I wear entirely too much black. Dressing in  black is a habit I picked up in my retail days. As a buyer traveling to New York in my 20’s and 30’s, I felt so chic dressed in the latest black wool coat or black sleek sheath. Everything matched, packing was easy and I blended in with the NY fashion scene.

What began as a deliberate method of dressing 35 years ago has become a habit.  Dressing  in black requires fewer shoes, fewer accessories and fewer decisions. Everything goes with everything and packing is still very easy.  Thing is, I am so accustom to wearing black that anything colorful feels a little awkward, a unfamiliar on my body.  Put on vivid orange or pink and I feel downright uncomfortable.

My mother use to tell me that black was an “old lady’s” color.  She wore turquoise and green and bright navy blue. I don’t think she every owned much black (except for a black dressy dress).  Now that I have officially reached old lady status, I think it is time to step out of my comfort zone and make my peace with color.


Hope your life is filled with color!  Thanks for reading…

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