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Weekend fun and food…

Well, sorta. As I write this, Tennessee is in it’s 5th day of reopening. Hair salons, nail salons, tattoo parlors, retail, many restaurants, parks and outdoor venues are all out there with doors wide open. The weather is great and … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Sunday…

It has been such a chilly, dreary Sunday made even worse by an early winter cold that seems to have settled in my head.  The weather man predicted rain for Sunday night but it is no surprise that the rain … Continue reading

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Carver’s Apple Barn 2014 is in the Books…

Almost every year for the last 15, we have taken an October trip to Carver’s Orchard and Apple Barn in Cosby, TN. Carver’s, located at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, is our annual kickoff to fall.  … Continue reading

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Five Things I Did This Weekend…

Another summer weekend has slipped by and the official end of summer is just days away.  We spent this weekend mostly outside and mostly in the company of good friends.  While I have not completed everything on my “Summer To … Continue reading

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30,071 Steps Saturday…

As I write this, severe storm warnings are flashing on my TV and phone.  Lightening is flashing every minute or so and the low steady rumble of thunder vibrates the house.  The power of nature is amazing and scary at … Continue reading

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Weekend in the Wilderness: Backpacking, Abrams Creek…

Finally, after a three year hiatus, we completed another backpack!  On the hottest, most humid weekend (to date) of Summer 2014, we shouldered our backpacks and hit the trail with friends, Sonya and Mac. Backpack #75 is in the log … Continue reading

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Home Alone…

My husband is the routine keeper in our house, the one who keeps us eating healthy, sleeping enough and getting our exercise. He is also out of town this weekend.  So what does a somewhat undisciplined, marginally immature  61 year … Continue reading

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Kayaking Round The Cove…

We went kayaking for my birthday, it was the only thing I asked for. Kayaking had been on my summer list for several years but John would have no part of it.  He had a bad experience with the equipment … Continue reading

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Time Spent with Friends…

Funny how close friendships work.  You can be away from each other for long periods of time then get together and feel like you just talked yesterday. Such was our Sunday afternoon with Sonya and Mac.  We had not seen … Continue reading

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Post from the Weekend 5-18-2014

Pretty great weekend although it fell somewhat short of awesome!  Too many obligations crowded into a few short days of fun.  Among the good parts were a four mile run on Saturday, a six mile run on Sunday, Saturday lunch … Continue reading

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