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A glance back on the ending decade…

A post by Frances @ about major life events over the past decade got me thinking about my own decade. Ten years ago on this day I was in my mid-50’s and anticipating my upcoming marriage. My life had … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Thanksgiving…

I woke Thanksgiving morning tired and a little stressed.  The day had turned into a big deal for our little family of four.  Several weeks ago my father, who is a resident of a retirement home and temporarily in a … Continue reading

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“What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding”…

Several weeks ago, John and I flew to Tempe, Arizona for the weekend. I scrambled to get ready in the days before the trip (my dad was in the hospital) and forgot all about reading material, something I remembered at … Continue reading

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Is Bicycling Making a Difference…

I am not a fan of summer running!  The southern heat and humidity stifle my breathing and feel like anchors slowing down my legs.  Oh the agony of it all. Forget 5k  and 10k pace, I have what I call … Continue reading

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Summer To Do List…

Summer slips by so quickly!  Each summer I think about how I will spend my summer, make plans to do things and never really get around to getting them done. This summer I made a commitment to myself to be … Continue reading

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Dressing in Black…

It occurs to me, while digging in my closet each day, I wear entirely too much black. Dressing in  black is a habit I picked up in my retail days. As a buyer traveling to New York in my 20’s … Continue reading

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61 and counting…

I turned 61 on Monday and am amazed at how fast I got here.  At one time I considered  60 old, but these days I look at the 60’s with a different perspective.  By my doctor’s account I am healthy, … Continue reading

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Monday, Monday….

Carried in under the cover of  darkness, Monday morning arrives too soon. Monday steals the giddy freedom from a glorious spring weekend and expose piles of uncompleted projects. Monday demands responsibility, action and a no nonsense attitude.  Monday is a … Continue reading

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