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5ish Things I Did This Weekend… (and a little life catch up)

What a long, strange first 1/2 of 2016 I have had. The year started with feeling overwhelmed by commitments that, yes, I had gotten myself into. Volunteer work began to feel like a full time job and I already have … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon…

Ah, Sunday afternoon.  Here in sunny east Tennessee, the temperature reached near 60 and the sky was crystal clear.  What a far cry from the bitter temperatures we experienced last weekend. I got out and ran today, my first since … Continue reading

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Five Things I Did This Weekend…

This has been a very busy week consumed by work (my paying job) and budget and meeting planning for the Missions Committee that I co-chair (my volunteer job). As a new weekend begins, I am just getting around to posting … Continue reading

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Enjoying a Few Days Off

I don’t usually take time off unless I have a trip planned, I prefer to use my time to travel .   When I initially scheduled vacation this week, I thought we might take a backpack out west. After all, we … Continue reading

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Five Things I Did This Weekend…

Another summer weekend has slipped by and the official end of summer is just days away.  We spent this weekend mostly outside and mostly in the company of good friends.  While I have not completed everything on my “Summer To … Continue reading

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Monday Running, Biking and Rambling…

We survived an incredible night of turbulent weather.  A second string of severe storms hit around 1:30 AM.  I blissfully slept through the light show thanks to 1/2 an Ambien.  John on the other hand, did not. The power failed … Continue reading

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30,071 Steps Saturday…

As I write this, severe storm warnings are flashing on my TV and phone.  Lightening is flashing every minute or so and the low steady rumble of thunder vibrates the house.  The power of nature is amazing and scary at … Continue reading

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Is Bicycling Making a Difference…

I am not a fan of summer running!  The southern heat and humidity stifle my breathing and feel like anchors slowing down my legs.  Oh the agony of it all. Forget 5k  and 10k pace, I have what I call … Continue reading

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Running Struggles and Family Crisis…

We have seen a lot of this around here: and last week, I was spending way too much time here: As a result, I have struggled with my running goals for the last couple of weeks, I am not very … Continue reading

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Home Alone…

My husband is the routine keeper in our house, the one who keeps us eating healthy, sleeping enough and getting our exercise. He is also out of town this weekend.  So what does a somewhat undisciplined, marginally immature  61 year … Continue reading

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