Hi, my name is Beverly and this blog is about my life.  I am a Tennessee girl, born and raised but along the way I have lived in Cincinnati and St. Louis.  In 1994 I moved back to Tennessee to be near my family.  This move, the move home, has been my favorite move!

In 2000, I met my husband on a backpack and within a month, we began a 10 year courtship. To the amazement of our families, we finally tied the knot in 2010. Besides being a wife to John,  I am a stepmother to his two handsome sons Daniel and Lee, a sister, a friend,  a backpacker, a runner, a bicycler, a coffee drinker, a Diet Coke addict and a traveler.  I have a bit of a restless spirit and I love a good adventure.  Oh and I turned 68 in May, and have reached the age beyond the one that my 30 year old self considered “old.”

Hope you enjoy my adventures.  

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