Hi, my name is Beverly and this blog is about my life.  I am a Tennessee girl, born and raised but along the way I have lived in Cincinnati and St. Louis.  In 1994 I moved back to Tennessee to be near my family.  This move, the move home, has been my favorite move!

In 2000, I met my husband on a backpack and within a month, we began a 10 year courtship. To the amazement of our families, we finally tied the knot in 2010. Besides being a wife to John,  I am a stepmother to his two handsome sons Daniel and Lee, a sister, a friend,  a backpacker, a runner, a bicycler, a coffee drinker, a Diet Coke addict and a traveler.  I have a bit of a restless spirit and I love a good adventure.  Oh and I turned 69 in May, and have reached the age beyond the one that my 30 year old self considered “old.”

Hope you enjoy my adventures.  

2 Responses to About

  1. Will Skelton says:

    Wow Beverly, didn’t know about this and loved just reading about your van pickup and our Snowy Range trip, great writing and photographs.

  2. Will Skelton says:

    Wow Beverly, I didn’t know you were doing this great WordPress journal, really enjoyed just reading about the van pickup and our Snowy Range backpack. Great writing and photographs and have checked the box to be notified of future posts.

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