Two Weeks Before Christmas…

Early this morning we took coffee out to the veranda to watch a glorious sunrise. Seems like sunrises this time of year are especially spectacular with their delicious pallet of pinks, reds and yellows. Watching sunrises (and sunsets) over the years has been a mainstay in our relationship. Whether waking deep in a southern forest or halfway across the world drinking coffee on a piazza, we take time to delight in a colorful sky.

Morning sunrise from the veranda

The relaxing morning did not last too long. For days our weather forecasters have been predicting high wind and heavy rain for today and a check on the weather radar indicated that foul weather was indeed racing across the state. We hurried outside to take Miss Katie for her morning walk taking note of the gloomy, gray sky to the west.

Walking toward downtown-trees and clouds reflected in the mirrored glass.
Dark, ominous clouds the west.

A brisk 5.25 miles was squeezed in before heading home to take down bird feeders, a metal yard ornament, wind chimes and anything else that looked like it might serve as a missile in high wind. What we had not counted on was a branch that had been precariously hanging on the trunk of a tree decided, while we were gone, to break free. We count ourselves lucky that the branch broke before the high wind hit. Had the branch been pushed forward by a gust of wind, it would have pieced our dining room window.

We were inside no more than 5 minutes before the wind began to howl and rain started falling in sheets.

Sheets of rain.

Hours later the wind is calm and the rain, a steady drizzle. Unfortunately Kentucky and other surrounding states did not fare as well. John has settled down to a movie and a bowl of popcorn while I am staring down a stack of partially written Christmas cards. All is safe and quiet at our home as we await the final weeks till Christmas.

All is Merry and Bright
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