Sunday Afternoon…


Ah, Sunday afternoon.  Here in sunny east Tennessee, the temperature reached near 60 and the sky was crystal clear.  What a far cry from the bitter temperatures we experienced last weekend.

I got out and ran today, my first since September 6th.  The run was not much to write about, a little short of a mile on a flat road.  I ran slowly and carefully. I thought my lungs would explode early on but the feeling went away quickly.   With each step I expected feel it in my hip.  I didn’t and I walked another 3.5-miles with John.  It felt great to be out on such a beautiful day.

When I got home I spent time with a roller and a bag of ice.  This evening I am a little stiff.  The inflammation and pain in my hip has never completely disappeared, a fact that concerns me.  As my PT instructed, I have learned to stand a little more and sit as little less, this seems to help.  I am going to take this running thing slowly.  I want and need to continue to run…

Thanks for reading!


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2 Responses to Sunday Afternoon…

  1. Loved your Thanksgiving post, but didn’t manage to leave a comment. So glad you’re able to ease back into running and walking. Do take it slowly. . .

  2. smithposts says:

    Frances, thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately I did not get out to run this weekend so no harm to the body. We are considering a Y membership for Christmas with the promise of yoga, spin class and a cushy treadmill to keep body impact to a minimum.

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