Finally Home….

We are home again after two weeks in Italy.  We spent 3 days in Cinque Terre, 1/2 day in  Pisa, 3 days in Florence and 4 days in Rome.  We flew into Genoa and out of Rome.  The flights seemed endless but we have experienced much longer.  The travel in between cities was by train and in the cities and villages we traveled mostly by foot.

It is hard to pick a favorite city, each was so different.  In Cinque Terre, we walked for miles in the hills, soaking in the incredible views and hiking through the the rugged countryside dotted with vineyards and olive tree groves.  In the evenings we listened to the  waves of the Mediterranean lap against the sea walls of our little town of Vernazza. The sound, sights and smells are unforgettable.


On top of the Doria Castle in Vernazza.  Monterosso in in the distance to the left of my head.

Pisa was a blast for me.  I kept looking at the Leaning Tower, not believing that I was looking at the Leaning Tower.  How many years have I looked at pictures yet never imagined I would see it in person.

Florence was beautiful!  We watched the sunset from Piazza Michelangelo, climbed the steps to the dome of the Duomo, glazed on Michelangelo’s David, strolled through the markets and walked in every church we could find!  It is a comfortable city, easy to navigate, easy to walk.

Rome, oh Rome!  I loved Rome. I loved the traffic, the evening revelry and the general craziness.  We walked through so many ruins, through Vatican City and to the Spanish Steps for sunset.  We walked from one end to the other.  I think by day 2 my husband had visited enough churches but continued to follow me in church after church, each an incredible museum filled with the finest religious art.  Somewhere, mid visit he suggested we come back for a Christmas holiday with his boys.  He loved Rome too.

Overall, we walked about 105 miles on this trip (I did keep track). We were up too early and did not get enough rest.  We had several issues with our apartment in Vernazza.  I would not rent it again.  The hotel in Florence was nice and conveniently located but the bed was so very, very hard.  I loved our room in Rome, the bed was perfect and the room felt like, well, a room in Rome should.

I am mixed about being home.  I needed the rest and was happy to sleep in my perfectly comfortable bed but I miss the excitement of travel and the stimulation that comes with moving from city to city with suitcase in hand.   I have many pictures to go through but will post some notes and photos as soon as I can.

Hope you had an incredible two weeks, whatever you did!  Thanks for reading.

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  1. Working backwards, having begun with your wonderful apples post (love that outfit too — matches my current penchant for Slightly Polished Casual). But this post, ah! this post makes me both happy for you and very impatient for another trip for myself. Retirement looks more and more appealing (altho’ then I’ll have to figure out how budget and travel go together. . . )

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