Roses, Mint and Parsley…

It’s no secret, I love flowers.  From tiny delicate spring blossoms to  big, bold summer flowers, I love them all. Unfortunately, I have no access to large scale flower markets here so my choices tend to be limited.  For a few months during the summer I can purchase colorful wildflowers from flower stalls at the Farmer’s Market  but mostly I buy out of  grocery store racks.

To personalize my grocery store bouquets, I search outside for greenery.  My favorite bits of summer green come from potted herbs, rosemary, mint and basil for fragrance and parsley to fill in.  Holly and pine are my go to winter greenery choices but anything will do.

Today I found a dozen roses in the Fresh Market racks for $6.99!   Stems of mint paired with the roses have filled the kitchen with a delicious fragrance. Parsley filled in the spaces and Coral Bell blooms added a soft, lacy look.


Hope you weekend is filled with the sweet fragrance of summer!  Thanks for reading.

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