Running Struggles and Family Crisis…


We have seen a lot of this around here:


and last week, I was spending way too much time here:


As a result, I have struggled with my running goals for the last couple of weeks, I am not very good at balancing running with family crisis. Two weeks ago, between rain storms, I managed to get in three solid runs and two fun days of backpacking with friends.  I came home Sunday to the news that my dad had been hospitalized.

So last week, after work, I spent the evenings at the hospital with him.  He was given no real answers to the cause of his problems, his frustration was high, his mood, low.  I felt guilty taking time to run, so I didn’t and I was physically and emotionally exhausted.

Then Thursday arrived.  John and I (and his younger son) had tickets to fly to Phoenix, AZ to spend the 4th with his older son. My dad’s condition was not critical so we decided to go on.  I packed my running clothes and planned a Friday and Saturday run while the guys  slept. But I allowed delayed flights, late night arrival, too little sleep, too much heat (one day 109 F), too much food, and on and on to derailed my plans.  My running clothes punched a round trip ticket to Phoenix as extra weight.  I came home late Sunday afternoon to learn my dad had been admitted to a nursing home for rehab. Meanwhile I had logged 0, nada running miles for the week.

So here I sit on Monday, determined not to let his health issues turn into self neglect and my health issues.  I got a great night’s sleep and had a good run before work.  Tonight will be the nursing home, tomorrow a rest, recoup day and Wednesday another run day.

If you are a runner, I hope you can push through your running derailers this week. Thanks for reading!

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