Summer To Do List…


Summer slips by so quickly!  Each summer I think about how I will spend my summer, make plans to do things and never really get around to getting them done. This summer I made a commitment to myself to be more intentional with my free time.  Thanks to inspiration from the blog “Cupcakes and Cashmere,” I thought I would take my back of the envelope list and post it.

1.  Go backpacking at least once.

2.  Try paddle boarding.

3.  Paint and polyurethane my old kitchen table and put it on the side porch.  Have a small al fresco dinner party on the porch.

4.  Catch Jazz on the Square at least once during the summer.

5.  Learn to make a good pizza crust.

6.  Kayak around Ijams Nature Center.

7.  Have a gourmet picnic with friends.

8.  Run at least 3 times per week.

9.  Get familiar with our digital SLR camera, we’ve only had it a year or so.

10.  Do something unplanned as of today, a long weekend trip, a day trip or something….

Hope you have a great summer planned.   Thanks for reading!

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