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61 and counting…

I turned 61 on Monday and am amazed at how fast I got here.  At one time I considered  60 old, but these days I look at the 60’s with a different perspective.  By my doctor’s account I am healthy, … Continue reading

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Post from the Weekend 5-18-2014

Pretty great weekend although it fell somewhat short of awesome!  Too many obligations crowded into a few short days of fun.  Among the good parts were a four mile run on Saturday, a six mile run on Sunday, Saturday lunch … Continue reading

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Posts from the Weekend…

My husband and I spend a lot of time in motion, running, bicycling, hiking, walking.  Sometimes it makes for an interesting weekend, sometimes repeating the same running route results in a satisfying but very uneventful weekend.  Such was the case … Continue reading

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Disappearing Act…

I was 18 years old when I developed life long habit of immaculate skin care.  I walked into a department store in Columbia, SC wearing drug store face cream and reappeared with a small bag of Elizabeth Arden skin care … Continue reading

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Posts from the Weekend

The one thing I know about the short life of this blog is that I have posted more unglamorous photos of myself than not. A seasoned blogger would tell me not to post photos of myself looking so, well…..  But … Continue reading

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