Spring Wardrobe-Closet Crisis…

Since last August, I am down about 32 pounds and as a result, I am in the middle of a wardrobe-closet crisis! I got through winter wearing clothing that fit 30 pounds ago (you may not know about black elastic waist pants-they expand out and back), clothes I wore years ago (when I was 10-20 pounds lighter) and clothes I bought over the past couple of years that really didn’t fit but I never returned. It was fun to rediscover things I use to wear or have never been able to wear.

But the fun is up. I seem to be short on a spring wardrobe. The pants are too heavy, the sweaters (a fashion statement for covering up over 60 arms) are too hot and my almost 61 year old legs are shy about showing up tight less under summer skirts and dresses (but hose shopping is another story). So what’s a girl to do??!!

Here I am in January-February in a couple of winterish outfits. The dress is a year old Target dress (beautifully lined) that hasn’t really fit until recently. I paid $28 for it last spring, couldn’t get it zipped, so I hung it in the closet. Last fall, twenty-five pounds later, I turned it into a winter style by adding tights and a sweater (it’s virtually sleeveless).


Similar story with the outfit below. Black pencil skirt from Steinmart that has been hanging in my closet for years (couldn’t get it over my hips, couldn’t get rid of it). Paired with a new winter J Crew T (and tights) it’s a great winter outfit. The reading glasses are Steinmart too. I had to put them on to see the camera screen to be sure the photo was of my face, not my knees.


Unfortunately, I am fresh out of “fall backs” for spring. I have been looking at magazines, on-line and some incredible blogs for fashion inspiration. With another 20 pounds to loose, I am going to keep the shopping at a minimum but I have to get going, summer is almost here, and well, it will be fall again before you know it!

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