Posts from the Weekend, a Little This and That…

Busy weekend, or at least Saturday was.  Knocked off most of my to-dos and still had a little time for fun although by Sunday I was totally out of energy! So much for fitting a weekend’s worth of stuff into one day!   Here are 4, well 5ish things from my weekend.

1.  Five Mile Run, 3.5 Mile Walk

Saturday morning started with a 5 mile run.  I missed running last weekend due to some very time consuming obligations so I had to work extra hard for this run.  I was slow but encouraged by the feeling of accomplishment.

After the run, I met up with John, who had been doing some fast walking.  He knows all the hills in our area and proceeded to march me up and down the most challenging.   I added another 2.5 miles of hill walking to the day plus another mile of slow jogging trying to keep up with his long stride home.


This is the only run/walk photo I took. John is about 1/3 the way down one of the steepest hills in the area.  We thought he might added some depth to highlight the steepness but this photo just doesn’t do it justice.

2)  Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

After the 2 hour run/walk adventure, we moved immediately into mulch mode, 55 bags to be exact.  Course, rich, black mulch unloaded from a rented truck to the driveway to the wheelbarrow to the front gardens.  Lots of lifting, bending and twisting involved, ouch, my sides and legs are still sore!


{The nandina in this front bed struggled with our extremely cold winter.  We are waiting to see if it will completely recover or it this is my ticket to have the garden redone??!!!}


{Pansies are still beautiful but will begin to fade in a few weeks.  I am trying to decide what summer flowers to plant in the numerous garden pots.}


{False Solomon Seal is uncurling to show off small, white bell flowers hanging from the stems.}


{Sunny woodland poppy making a brief appearance}


{The Lenten Rose, favorite flower of my late mother, is in it’s full glory, the daffodils have faded.}


{The view from the windows in the back of our house.  Dogwoods are in full bloom too.  Such a lovely time of year in our little city on the river!}

3.) After a Hard Day’s Work Comes the Reward…

After an exhausting day, cooking was not on our radar so we grabbed John’s son and headed to the Old City for Barley’s Taproom salad, pizza and dark craft beer. We were on a “blue hair” dinner schedule so the wait was minimal and we were able to grab an open table on the patio.  It was a beautiful evening, sunny with a nice breeze.  One of Knoxville’s best street festivals was going on two streets away but it seemed a world away as we sat on the patio, relaxing and talking.


{John with his back to an interesting local mural of music stars from the area}


{Greek salad}


{Keeping with the Greek flavor, we also ordered a Greek style pizza}

4.) Dogwood Trails in the Evening Light…

We still had a couple of hours of daylight left so we decided to take a drive through one of our city’s prettiest dogwood trails.  We live on a dogwood trail so we don’t often think about visiting other neighborhoods to see the spring delights.  I will let the photos speak for themselves.







5.) Early Morning Sunrise and Coffee…

We have had a string of beautiful sunrises and sunsets recently.  As the atmosphere heats up, these sights will become less frequent.  Because we had to get up early Sunday morning, we took the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee and watch this sight from our kitchen window.


Hope your weekend was filled with a little this and that!  Thanks for reading…

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